Pilon, a Supply Chain Financing platform dives deep into ASEAN countries using Internationalisation Strategy

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Eddie Lee with Zao bao

Pilon, a supply chain financing platform was started in Jan 2020 to assist buyers and their suppliers optimise their operational cash flow within a trusted network.

In this year’s budget, one of the government programmes is to assist local companies increase productivity through automation and digitalisation and they will be setting aside $600 million for the companies’ technology acceleration.

We are most grateful to be featured in the 2022 Singapore budget and at the same time, heartened to learn of the new pro-business initiative where the government will provide bespoke services to assist companies like us to expand regionally. 

With the rollout of the platform and the government encouragement (and monetary support) for companies to go digital, we are most optimistic for this year’s traction.

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