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In the fast-paced world of commerce, the strength of your distribution network can be the difference between leading the market and playing catch-up.

At Pilon, we understand the critical role that seamless financing plays in empowering distributors to excel. That’s why we’re proud to introduce our Distributor Financing program, designed to supercharge your distributors by enhancing their purchasing power, boosting their inventory capabilities, and ultimately, driving your sales to new heights.

Distributor Financing is a forward-thinking financial solution that extends credit to your distributors, enabling them to purchase more of your products without immediate financial strain. This program is specially designed for anchors like you, who seek to fortify their supply chains, ensure product availability, and expand market reach through empowered distributors.

Credit Line Establishment
Your distributors are granted a line of credit, backed by the strength of their relationship with you, the anchor, and facilitated by our comprehensive financial services.
With this newfound financial flexibility, distributors can increase their stock levels, ensuring your products are always available to meet market demand.
Distributors can respond more agilely to market trends and demands, optimizing their inventory without the constraints of tight cash flows.
Flexible repayment terms are tailored to match the cash flow patterns of your distributors, ensuring they can operate smoothly and sustainably.

Its Impact on your business

Accelerated Sales Growth

By empowering your distributors with the financial means to stock more of your products, you directly drive up sales volume and revenue.

Supply Chain Resilience

Financially stable distributors contribute to a more robust supply chain, reducing the risk of stockouts and enabling you to meet your customers' needs consistently.

Market Expansion

With the ability to support more inventory, your distributors can help you penetrate new markets and demographics, expanding your brand’s reach.

Optimized Cash Flow

By facilitating credit for your distributors, you can streamline your own cash flow management, aligning inventory supply with demand more effectively.


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Distributor Financing

Supercharge your sales and elevate your distribution network

Purchase Order Financing

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We hold strong confidence in Pilon's forward-thinking leadership and their capacity to bring about substantial transformations in the industry,

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