Pilon Plus

(Supply Chain Financing)

Optimize your working capital and attain strategic cash-flow for your business. Enhance your relationship with your supplier by allowing them to get paid on request.

Pilon’s PLUS platform allows multiple financial institutes to provide suppliers with additional liquidity (cash).

Our financing partners participate with a peace of mind knowing that each invoice is verified and authenticated using blockchain technology.

Your suppliers will be glad that they no longer need to enter into contractual agreements with funding houses to pledge all their invoices to them and can choose whichever invoices they want for early financing with us. Enjoy spot factoring with us or in other words, it’s contract free!

Cash flow planning is essential and your suppliers will be glad that you took care of that for them by allowing them to receive the payment that they have set in advance. Mainly also because the less urgent they need them, the smaller the fee (we deploy dynamic discounting).

How it Works

1. Dashboard

Your Suppliers will be able to view all of their invoices in one consolidated page, instead of having to keep track of all the loose paper.

2. Available Invoices

It is hard to keep track of outstanding invoices. This way, Suppliers will be able to easily filter and view their available invoices and request for early financing.

3. Early Financing Request

Supplier’s can get paid on demand in 4 easy steps!

1. Select the invoices they want to finance (Spot Factoring)
2. Choose their repayment date
3. Review the discount (Dynamic Discounting)
4. Submit!


Release liquidity to all your suppliers while attaining strategic cash flow and build a healthy supply chain for your business.