Pilon Plus, is a cloud based, reserve supply chain financing software that provides transparency in the supply chain that allows Pilon and financial institutions to finance cash strapped suppliers quickly and confidently through a closed loop ecosystem while providing significant and strategic cash flow for the buyer.

Our financing partners participate with a peace of mind knowing that each invoice is verified and authenticated at the source of truth.

Enhance your relationship with your suppliers by allowing them to get paid on request and without entering into contractual terms


Your suppliers access the summary of their invoices and payments on their mobile dashboard. No more calls to the buyers’ finance team. Self serviced and faster by providing information at their fingertips

Supplier finds all their outstanding invoices here and choose those that they want to have early finance. Or simply use it to provide an overview of their total outstanding receivables within the next 30, 60 or 90 days.

With built in dynamic discounting, the suppliers gets a discount offer immediately and decides if he likes the funds in his bank account on the same day or his selected date.

The Outcome


Get Paid anytime, On Demand Stay confident amid market uncertainty.


Extend credit terms while not stifling supplier’s cash flow. Attain strategic cash flow to scale the business.

Financial institutions

Full traceability of job origination. Lend with confidence. Additional Product, increase revenue to company.


Release liquidity to all your suppliers while attaining strategic cash flow and build a healthy supply chain for your business.

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