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Building trust between supplier and vendor

With Pilon, we made factoring easy. Whether you are a supplier or a buyer, cashflow is important in every business aspect. With positive cashflow, you ensure your company keeps moving forward.

About us

Lending is both art and science. Pilon’s supply chain financing enhances the lending process with science by providing a more secure and faster turn time around for companies to unlock their invoices for cash that has been held back by contractual credit terms.


Pilon’s PLUS platform integrates crowd lending technology to provide suppliers with additional liquidity (cash).


Our financing partners participates with a peace of mind knowing that each invoice are verified and authenticated using blockchain technology.

Pay early, pay less

Release liquidity to all your suppliers while generating millions in cost savings and providing a healthy supply chain.


Pilon works with leading financial institutes to provide cashflow for the ecosystem, fueling growth between trade and businesses.

Enroll your business here and be part of the ecosystem.

Obtain Significant Cashflow Position

Release liquidity to all your suppliers while gaining a strategic position in your cashflow and a healthy supply chain.

Lend With Confidence

Using blockchain technology yet preventing the invoice from being double pledged with blockchain technology, providing traceability and show proof of ownership.

Predictability and Flexibility

Suppliers loves options. Why not give them the ability to choose how early they like to be paid and much how they like to pay?

Rich In Data

Is there a seasonal buying pattern in your business? How does that compare to the global supply and demand? How do you use this information as your leverage?

Like To Take Your Business Further?

Either for your business or your suppliers’ ecosystem.

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